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The good Patch Hangover 15mg

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The good Patch Hangover 15mg
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About The Good Patch Hangover

  • Topical patch from The Good Patch
  • 15mg CBD strength
  • B1, B complex, and green tea extract
  • Great for... well, hangovers!

A night spent drinking is always fun, but the next day's hangover is nothing to joke about! With The Good Patch Hangover patch, the morning after just became a little more bearable. Place on the inside of your wrist either one-hour preemptively before drinking or the morning after to replenish lost vitamins like B1 and B complex. Each Hangover patch is potent up to 12 hours, so the natural benefits of vitamins, CBD, and green tea extract can continuously absorb into your bloodstream while you go about your day. Skip the homemade hangover cures, The Good Patch has you covered no matter when the occasion is!

The Good Patch comes in a pack of 1 and has a 15mg CBD strength.

Hangover CBD Patch Ingredients

  • Hemp Cannabidiol
  • B1
  • B Complex
  • Green Tea Extract


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