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SMPLSTC CBD - CBD Tincture - SLP - 1500mg

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SMPLSTC CBD - CBD Tincture - SLP - 1500mg
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One of the worst feelings in the world is waking up to the merciless dawn of a new day and realizing you didn’t get nearly enough sleep the night before. The reasons for insomnia vary; maybe you’re stressed about something at work, or maybe you drank a big cup of coffee right before bed for some reason. Whatever the case may be, SMPLSTC CBD’s new nighttime CBD Tincture might be just what you’ve been looking for. This small bottle contains 1500mg of potent, full spectrum cannabidiol oil, blended with honey and organic lavender. The result is an enchanting, earthy and dazzling flavor that will accompany you into your slumber. This product has been lab-tested and approved for the safety and enjoyment of SMPLSTC CBD’s customer base.

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